President’s Message


My name is Timothy Mallory and I am excited to have been nominated as president for The Concerned Black Men of Richmond VA. I was introduced to this great organization by Tommy DeVaughn, an educator and Vice President of CBM at the time.

The 8 years that I have spent serving have been very rewarding. Watching our mentees grow and achieve through applying the core values that CBM has instilled in them has been extremely gratifying. Several mentees have gone on to complete college in spite of what could be considered insurmountable odds. Others have gone on to serve in the military or straight into a job with much success.

The Richmond Chapter touts the 2 preceding Presidents, Wayne Rachel Sr. and A Ramone Moore as former mentees. Their commitment and belief in what this brotherhood represents is a great testament to the efficacy of this organization.  My goals for the upcoming years is to increase the number of mentors and get more funding and sponsorships to enhance the type of events that we can provide for our youth. We are in need of men with a passion for helping our youth to navigate the many opportunities as well as obstacles that they will be confronted with during their most formative years. Although there are no charges to participate in any of our programs, we rely on the generosity of people like Antonio & Andrea Capece, the owners of La Grotta Ristorante who have contributed immensely to our programs. The exposure to fine dining is giving our youth skills that are critical for achieving greater success. As a highlight for the current year, we are planning a trip to the Smithsonian African American History Museum in the spring of 2017!

In December 2016, The Concerned Black Men of Richmond, VA Inc. will celebrate 30 years of service to the community. We all have a part to play in molding the generations to come, so please consider donating to or joining the Concerned Black Men or Richmond, VA. Browse through the website to see the various programs that CBM RVA has put on in the past. Our youth are counting on you.

Tim Mallory

Tim Mallory - President 2016-2017