CBM-R’s programs and activities address five issues, which are (I) career development (II) academic development (III) cultural awareness (IV) personal growth and (V) recreation. The purposes of each are as follows:

Career Development – Stresses the research and development of skills for a particular career through job visits and panel discussions from local business.

Academic Development – Enhances an interest in education and the importance of obtaining a high school diploma through seminars on study techniques and tutoring sessions.

Cultural Awareness – Introduces the African-American heritage and achievements through museum visits and cultural activities.

Personal Growth – Discuss conflict resolutions techniques and promotes responsibility for one’s action through seminars on teenage pregnancy, conflict resolution and stereotyping games.

Recreation – Promotes team building and stresses relaxation techniques through one-on-one contacts with adults and youth.

Besides having a purpose, each program and activity has a specific theme(s). The theme(s) is (are) self-respect, self-esteem and/or self-development. It is the hope of CBM-R that its programs and activities will help the youth make wise decisions in their transition from youth to adolescents and eventually into young adults.

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