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Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To be a major contributing force in stopping the self-destruction of the Black race.  To be living, breathing examples – both adult and youth – that exemplify the idea that anything is possible if you have respect for one another and are willing to work hard enough to accomplish your goals.  To convince our youth that their only limit is the size of their ideas and the degree of their dedication.

Mission Statement

To enlighten our community and provide a positive influence on the growth and outlook of our youth.  We intend to provide positive male role models, encourage self-respect and self-esteem; foster a respect for others; recognize youth accomplishments; serve as a catalyst in which men and women, groups, churches, private/public organizations can establish and maintain an effective and continual communication with members of our community and encourage them in their positive growth, development and responsibility.

Our motto, in keeping with the National organization is:  “Caring For Our Youth”.  The Richmond Virginia Chapter further extends that motto to be:  “Caring For Our Community”