CBM CARES® National Mentoring Initiative

The CBM CARES® National Mentoring Initiative is a program that provides middle school boys with responsible and caring adult male mentors. Citing statistics that assert that more than 60% of black children are growing up in father absent households with a similar amount dropping out of high school, coupled with the fact that a high percentage of those high school drop-outs are black boys, Concerned Black Men believes that involving African American men to mentor young males of color is an imperative. The CBM CARES® National Mentoring Initiative is part of a comprehensive outreach project designed to improve academic and life outcomes for youths residing in underserved communities nationwide.

Bill Maull
Program Manager
E-mail: wmaull@cbmnational.org

CBM CARES® Richmond, VA
2025 East Main Street, Suite 12
Richmond, VA 23223
TEL: 804-783-1975
FAX: 804-783-1977

Local Chapter Initiatives – CBM of Richmond, VA

  • Youth Corps I and II – CBM Richmond youth corps provides academic enrichment and development programs that sponsor workshops and field trips to promote positive self-esteem, cultural awareness, physical fitness, and entrepreneurship. The program usually meets on the first and third Saturdays of every month and includes activities such as etiquette session, basketball, discussions, movies, bowling and sessions on achieving academic goals, physical fitness, nutrition and diet, art, poetry, music and history and community service activities.
  • College Tours – CBM Richmond sponsors annual tours to historical black colleges and universities (HBCU)
  • Community Service – CBM Richmond supports the following community services initiatives:
Ronald McDonald House
Habitat For Humanity
Historic Slave Trail
Linwood Holton’s 5K Run
Gang Prevention and Bullying Summit
To learn more about CBM Cares National Mentoring Initiatives, visit the CBM Cares website at: http://cbmnational.org/news/cbm-cares-national-mentoring-initiative/