Concerned Black Men of Richmond and Youth visit the Black History Museum

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February 19, 2018


The Concerned Black Men of Richmond recognized “Black History Month” by visiting the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia.  We toured the museum on Saturday February 17th with 12 youth and 9 mentors.

There were 2 floors filled with examples of black men, women and children from Virginia that changed our country as well as the world.  The tour was conducted by Mary C. Lauderdale, the Visitor Services Manager.  She is very passionate and knowledgeable about each exhibit at the center.

Black History Museum 2018

There were a number of interactive displays that were fun as well as educational.  The tour lasted roughly an hour and the boys were very engaged.

Black History Museum 2018

Ms. Lauderdale shared a very interesting story regarding Arthur Ashe.  She explained how England sent a delgation to Richmond to see what we were doing to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of Mr. Ashe’s Wimbledon victory and that nothing was being done!  She took time to share anecdotes at each of the displays and captured the attention of everyone.


Black History Museum 2018

Black History Museum 2018

The Concerned Black Men of Richmond strive each month to stimulate the imaginations and aspirations of our youth through activities such as this.  Thanks to caring people in the community and beyond such as yourselves, we continue show our mentees that their possibilities truly are limitless. Again, thank you for your support.  It means the world to the Concerned Black Men of Richmond and the youth we serve.


Timothy Mallory

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