Concerned Black Men, Richmond Holds Manners Session Featuring Elizabeth Kirven

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November 6, 2017

Greetings and salutations!!

We are excited about the “Kick Off” of our new mentoring sessions which started last month.  Our first session started with an in depth discussion on manners.  The topic, entitled “Manners, Where Have They Gone?” was coordinated by our Past President, Wayne Rachel, Sr. This event was held at the 4th Police Precinct in Richmond and featured Ms. Elizabeth Kirven with the Corvel Corporation in Richmond, Virginia.

Manners 2017

There were 8 mentees and 7 mentors that participated.  It was an interactive program where we engaged the youth on the important role that proper manners will play in their lives.  They were required to speak as well as write about how they could be impacted utilizing the techniques discussed.

Manners 2017

Manners 2017


Manners 2017


Again we would like to thank each person and organization that contributed to the Concerned Black Men of Richmond, Inc.  Your contributions have been instrumental in ensuring that we can continue to provide programs to young men in the Richmond area.  We hope we can count on your patronage in the future.


Tim Mallory
President, CBM-RVA

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